Google Chrome will detect and mark slow websites

Everybody experienced waiting for ages to load a web page but it always raises the question whether the internet connection is slow or the web page. Thankfully, Google’s Chrome web browser might feature a solution for that.

The solution

Google has recently announced a feature to detect and label websites that usually load slowly. They will ultimately choose to identify web sites which are slow  because of the device they are being displayed on and network conditions, as well.

Google hasn’t yet decided how they are going to label slow websites, but they said that they will experiment with various methods to see which one is the most efficient.

Users will be notified by the browser with a “Loading… “ mesage and a message that lets them know that the page they are trying to access usually takes a while to load. 

Fast websites might feature a green progress bar at the top of the screen. 

The option might go as far as  letting users know which link will be slow so they will decide whether they still want to access it or not.


The ultimate goal of Chrome is to identify websites that offer high quality experiences. Criteria for this status goes beyond loading speed, but for the moment there are no details about what the other factors will be. However, more and more classifying criteria will be added over time in order to make “good user experiences” achievable for any web developer.

Ever since 2015, most Google users search from mobile devices, so it’s absolutely imperative to classify and rank web pages in regard to their performance.

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