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Google Drive Update Rolled Out With Some Improvements

We live in a digital era in which people rely on the might of the internet to perform a large number of tasks, with one of the most useful ones being the ability to store data in the cloud. Google Drive is one popular app in that regard.

In the past, storing data was a bit more complicated, and many methods were affected by some form of inconveniences. For example, a large number of people preferred to use DVDs to store valuable data. While the technique is quite safe, a single scratch can render the disk unreadable, and there is no way to recover to data.

Another problem is represented by the fact that you have to store the devices which hold the files somewhere safe since any potential damage can compromise the integrity of the files. Hard drives have to be stored in a place where there is little to no magnetic radiation. If this condition is not met, the data can be corrupted.

Google Drive Update Launched With Improvements

Google Drive is one of the most popular and easy to use cloud storage solutions on the market. Any person who creates a Google account will receive 15GB of free storage space on Google Drive. A selection of affordable options allows users to purchase more storage space if needed.

The service is easy to use. Users can upload files by selecting them from the Google Drive window, accessible with the help of most internet browsers, or by using the dedicated app.

Users can divide the content into folders that can be managed and shared with others with a few taps. The content is available at all times, and several access levels can be imposed to limit the right of other Google Drive users to view, comment, or edit select files. The latest update, Google Drive, comes with new improvements for the ability to share files with other users and several bug fixes.



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