Google Drive Update Launched With Improvements And Bug Fixes

In recent times many people have started to use cloud storing services to keep their data safe in the case of unexpected events. Google Drive helps users do that.

Many of the regular storage solutions can be practical but come with some flaws. For example, storing data on DVDs is always an option, but you will also need an internal or external DVD reader to be able to access them. This is a major downside in the case of modern laptops as many new models do not come with a built-in DVD ROM.

Storing data on external hard drives is also an option, but they have to be kept in a controlled environment, where they are shielded from radiation that can affect the integrity of the files. It is also worth pointing out that many affordable models offer a relatively low storage capacity.

Google Drive is an excellent cloud storage solution that offers a rich selection of features and abilities. One of the core advantages is represented by the fact that files can be uploaded and access on Google Drive from a variety of devices.

Google Drive Update Launched With Improvements And Bug Fixes

For example, you may need quick access to a document, so you decide to upload it from the PC to the cloud.

After the task is completed, you can access and download the file on a PC, smartphone or tablet in a seamless matter. Files can also be shared with friends, family or co-workers to facilitate certain tasks or share valuable content like photos and documents.

A search filter will allow you to find the desired files quickly, and a preview offers the option to inspect a document before you downloaded it on your device. Recent files are also displayed in a convenient manner and can be accessed quickly.

One of the best features of the Android app is the option to scan and upload printed documents. The Google Drive update comes with new bug fixes and improvements.

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