Google Drive 2.20.421.05 Update Brings New Bug Fixes

The age of the internet has come with a large number of perks that have changed the lives of billions of people from all over the world as some tasks became more simple and there was no need to go through several steps to achieve what could be done with a few taps.

Google Drive is a smart storage solution that offers the ability to upload all the files on your internet-capable devices into the cloud and access them whenever you wish without the need to create and transfer individual copies.

Keeping files safe

With Google Drive, it is easy to create cloud backups of important files even for users who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. Files are uploaded via secure encryption and stored on Google’s servers, which are accompanied by heavy-duty protection features that will keep curious or malevolent attackers at a distance.

A smart upload protocol will ensure that your data is uploaded into the cloud as fast as possible, so there is no need to wait, and the process can also run in the background, allowing users to perform other tasks on their device in the meantime.

Handy features

Uploaded files can be accessed, viewed, and downloaded on a large number of smartphones, tablets, and PCs with ease. Harness a dedicated search feature to find important files quickly by name or category, and find with you need in a glimpse.

It is also possible to share your files and folders uploaded to Google Cloud by adding permissions and generating links that can be shared with other people in a variety of ways. Notifications will let users know if someone accessed their files. The app can also be used to scan documents and upload them quickly.

The 2.20.421.05 update comes with new bug fixes and improvements that enhance the user experience.

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