Google Earth Is An Incredible Location Scouting Tool

​There are numerous location scouting devices on the market, but a lot of people prefer to use Google Earth. This is also the case of photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup, who explains in an excellent video why they prefer the popular and probably too conventional Google Earth.

While PhotoPills and The Photographer’s Ephemeris are some incredible tools that do an amazing job in location scouting, also are packed with numerous useful features. However, some experts would rather utilize the common Google Earth. Here is what Tony Northrup says about the popular location scouting tool.

The photographer explains at the beginning of the video he made that he still utilizes PhotoPills and TPE, but he knows no other mobile app that can provide users with the whole picture when they are scouting for a location. That is why, when he is out, doing some heavy scouting before going on a trip or doing a photoshoot, the app he prefers for both the PC and Mac is Google Earth.

How To Use Google Earth For Incredibly Precise Location Scouting

You can change the ‘focal length’ by zooming in and out by utilizing Google Earth’s ground-level view, and not the Street View mode. After zooming in or out, chart the location of the sun and the milky way on particular days and times.

You can even notice the ‘eye altitude’ mode in the bottom, more specifically, on the right-hand corner. Simply put, you can fine-tune your precise composition, walking around a lifelike 3D rendering of the place you intend to capture.

The video Tony and Chelsea Northrup​ made shows a demo of Google Earth in action as a location scouting instrument. Tony demonstrates the usefulness of the tool by zeroing in on the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. You can grab the application from any App Store and download it on your device.

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