Google Fit Update 2.35.11 Comes With User Experience Improvements

Having a healthy and fit lifestyle is quite important since it can improve your overall condition. It may seem a bit difficult to establish a good routine at first, but there are many apps that can help you, and Google Fit is one of them.

Google collaborated with experts from the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association to create an excellent app which offers a series of greath features that will help users to keep their body healthy and beautiful without the need to go to gyms or pay for tips from a personal trainer.

Winning Heart Points

Users have to opportunity to eaen one Heart Point for each minute of moderate activity that is recorded by the app. For example, you can earn one Heart Point by walking around town r taking your dog for a walk.

Those who prefer activities that are more intensive will earn additional points. Five 30 minutes walks spread over the same number of days are enough to reach the level of exercise, which is recommended by the WHO and AHA for the reduction of the risk to develop heart disease or other potential problems.

Monitor your activities and much more

With Google Fit, it is easy to keep an eye on the amount of exercise you need to do and gain access to personalized statistics about runs, walks, and bike rides. The app will then use the sensors present in your smartphone or WearOS watch record key information.

Every movement counts, and Google Fit can monitor your activity automatically, adding the information to the database to ensure that you receive Heart Points for your efforts. Pick your favorite activities to form the list and earn even more Heart Points.

The 2.35.11 update improves the ability to track Heart Points and enjoy a revamped user interface along with new celebrations for completing goals.




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