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Google Home Can Handle Calculations For You In a Snap

Google Home reminds you not to burn your casseroles, turns your lights off before bed, and plays your favorite music. But, did you know it can also handle calculations? 

Google Home’s onboard AI Google Assistant is apparently an expert mathematician. Its super math skills can solve math equations that you could never do in your head. Here is what you should know.

Convert Quickly Any Recipe Units

If you like to cook and already know a lot of conversions, Google Home’s ability to convert any recipe units might surprise you. It is very useful, especially if your digits are covered in some ingredients. Try “Hey, Google or Ok, Google – how many ounces is 385 grams”, for example, and you’ll get your answer in a few seconds. 

Count the Days, Weeks, and Months

Do you know if your best friend’s birthday falls on a weekend this year? Or how many days until Christmas? Try “Hey, Google, or Ok, Google – how many days has it been since January 1?” Or, “What day of the week does July 1 fall on?” 

Distance Issues

If you can’t visualize how tall, let’s say, a 78cm table is, or if a destination is actually walkable or not, Google Home can help you. Try “Hey, Google, or Ok, Google – how far away is the nearest park?” Or, “How many feet is 78cm?”

It’s a Math-Situation

Google Assistant’s amazing math skills do more than turn Google Home into an entertaining party guest. It can solve math equations while you’re shopping, cooking, or goofing around. 

You can try “Hey, Google, or Ok, Google – what’s 30 times 365?” Or, “How much is $50,99 times 1.06?” Once you realize how easily Google Home can do hands-free math calculations, you’ll start relying much more on it than your smartphone’s calculator. Google Home offers you all of these, and you never have to lift a finger!



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