Google Home: How To Change the Home Address of the Device

Having a Google Home device is an excellent choice if you’re willing to enjoy an advanced comfort from home. Setting up the device and connecting it to a Wi-Fi network will get it ready to make your life better. Google once again proves that it can do great also in the hardware field, not only for the software one.

The Google Assistant is a magnificent app for allowing the user to actually speak to its gadget and ask it to perform certain tasks. It’s available on many Android phones, and it’s also available for the Google Home gadget.

A simple way of changing the Home Address

There are those frequent situations when you’re searching for info about the weather or certain places, but you don’t what your home address to be the one that counts. Here’s a simple method of setting a different home address:

  • Open the Google Home app from your mobile device
  • Make sure that your home name is positioned at the top. If not, tap on the name to change the name of your home
  • Open Settings by tapping on the gear icon
  • Tap on the Set address or Home address
  • Type in your desired address and select Save

What is Google Home

For those who don’t know, the Google Home gadget makes life easier for the user by offering a different approach than we’re all used to. Instead of reaching to some physical or virtual button, Google’s Home device allows the user to control it just by using his voice. After buying such a device, you can also set it up from your Android phone.

All you need is a simple Google account, and you can get it for free. There is no monthly fee required for having a Google Home device, and it most likely never will be needed.

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