Google Is Hard At Work On Hybrid Technology

Google is well-known for its appetite to research innovative technology, and the corporation is hard at work on new research projects. Staying ahead of the game is a difficult task these days, but it seems that the future will favor wearable gadgets with interesting traits.

White papers and demo videos have revealed a hybrid smartwatch with a digital panel and analog hands, a temporary tattoo that can turn the body into touchpad and sunglasses, which can project holographic icons or a VR controller that will convey the weight of items picked up in a digital world. These are only some of the projects developed by Google right now.

Into the future

The sunglasses and smartwatch are being developed by Google Research, a division of Google, which seeks to blend digital and physical techniques to create a hybrid experience. Such ventures fall under the Interaction Lab, an initiative that surfaced in 2015.

According to official information, the Interaction Lab aims to boost the capacity to create and prototype hardware for wearable concepts and interfaces at an accelerated pace. Some of the items may not be fit for commercial purposes, but they can serve as a ramp that facilitates other projects.

Paving the future

Some may argue that Google is wasting money on gimmicks, but this is not the case. The experimental tech will play an important role in the following years as many companies are moving their focus towards wearable gadgets, as the smartphone market seems to have reached a saturation point.

Sensor-filled devices could also offer the opportunity to collect a significant amount of data that could be used for the deliver of targeted advertisements.  Google is already earning more than $160 billion per year out of personalized ads delivered by using customer data.

As in the case of most experimental concepts, only time will tell which gadgets will see the light of day.


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