Google Launched the Pixel Buds App, Hinting That the Release Is Close

Google’s officials have recently announced the release for their upcoming product, the Pixel Buds. The company announced its next project during the Pixel 4 launch event. Is seems like the Pixel Buds project is almost ready to be released to its fans.

Google has managed to launch on Google Play a specially designed app for Pixel Buds, which can be accessed by anyone having any version better than Android 6.0. 9to5Google has reported that the earbud will probably work on any older smartphones and not only.

Since they need a Bluetooth connection to function correctly, computer users may be able to use them as well. In addition to this, iPhone users will probably be able to make use of the Pixel Buds, but a few extra features will probably not be available.

Google Pixel Buds App Launched

Downloading the Pixel Buds app is very easy, and it helps you to connect your device to the earbuds. Things are even more enjoyable when you have a Pixel smartphone since they already have the application installed on the phone. Therefore, the only thing they might need to do would be to update the Pixel app.

For Pixel devices, the app is not part of the app drawer, and the only way one can access it is by searching it via Play Store and tapping on the “Open” button. This demonstrates that the app works as a shortcut instead of an actual application. Many of the Pixel owners were deranged because the app was already installed on their phones, leaving one-star reviews.

By analyzing the numbers of downloads for this application, it is stated that 5 million users already have this app on their devices. Since the application was pre-installed for all the Pixel 3 and 4 users, it means that 5 million customers have a Pixel device. Up until now, there has been no official declaration regarding how much time there is left for the launch of Pixel Buds.

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