Google made Android Auto available to phone screens via Play Store

Lots of people choose to travel by car solely for the joy of driving, and for many of them, the technology bundled on their car drastically improves the driving experience. Car manufacturers roll out new models of automobiles packed with amazing new tech every year, but some people either can’t afford a new car or they already have a car that is running perfectly fine.

Modern problems require modern solutions

One of the most amazing pieces of technology on a modern car is the navigation / infotainment system, which usually is a telltale sign of the era when a car was built. Thankfully, smartphones have evolved so much that they can work as a standalone infotainment system: A driver can simply insert their phone in a designated rack, connect it to the stereo system of the car via wire or Bluetooth and then let the magic happen!

Google to the rescue

It’s a known fact that Google’s Android Auto is one of the best solutions for safely controlling the features of a phone while driving in a way similar to the one provided by a traditional infotainment system of a car.

Unfortunately, up until recently, a navigation system capable of running Android Auto was required to make use of the app.

Back in May at I/O 2019, Google announced that they would make Android Auto available for phone screens, working like a regular launcher for the phone. In order to use Android auto, users have to download the designated “Android Auto” app from the Google Play Store. The sole requirement for running the app are an Android 10 smartphone. 

Android Auto used to have some issues, but users report that the introduction of the new app fixed all of them and the app now runs flawlessly.

A list of compatible devices is available on the official site of Android Auto.

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