Google Maps 10.24.5 Is Available To Download With Bug Fixes And Improvements

In the past getting from one place to another was a bit more complicated than it is today. The technology helped humans navigate with ease. Google Maps is the most popular app in this regard. Now, Google Maps 10.24.5 launched with improvements and bug fixes.

How Technology Helped Us Navigate With Ease

For a long, while people had to rely on maps find their way towards a specific objective. They were useful but far from being interactive, and those who didn’t know how to read them properly tended to get lost quite easily, losing valuable time which could have been spent more conveniently.

The appearance of standalone GPS navigation systems improved the experienced considerably for many people. Instead of having to rely on maps which tended to be outdated after a few years users enjoyed a small device which offered interactive feedback and a wealth of useful information.

As in the case of other electronic devices, GPS navigation systems were updated quite often, which meant that people who wanted to gain access to the latest maps were forced to buy a new device since older models didn’t receive new updates after a few years.

The rise of the smartphone was accompanied by a wealth of navigation apps which offer excellent features and are available for free. The most popular one is Google Maps, which is used by millions of people from all over the world.

Google Maps Features

  • Directions – Google Maps will offer valuable information almost instantly. Users can choose if they wish to travel by foot, car, or with the help of public transportation. In the case of the latter, the app will also display nearby stations and timetables for your convenience.
  • Find your location – The app will show your locations as long as you have access to the GPS signal. This means that you can use it even when there is no signal coverage in your area.
  • Offline maps – You want to travel across the city, but the battery is a bit low. Download a map pack and travel without worries.

Google Maps 10.24.5 Is Available To Download With Bug Fixes And Improvements

Google Maps 10.24.5 comes with new bug fixes and improvements. The update is available on the Google Play Store.

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