Google Maps 10.30.3 Is Now Available With Bug Fixes

Less than half of a century ago, people relied on maps to travel across vast distances and reach new destinations. Most maps were reliable, but those who used an outdated map or didn’t know how to read it correctly could face some unexpected issues.

The first commercial handheld GPS receiver was released in 1989, but the prohibitive cost made it a luxury item for many drivers. Almost a decade later, superior technology allowed the manufacturers to enhance the functionality of GPS products, and in-car navigation modules started to become popular.

When smartphones became popular among users, many manufacturers decided to add a GPS module that could be harnessed by a downloadable or pre-loaded app to deliver accurate data and offer helpful directions.

A large number of people enjoy the features of Google Maps, which is pre-loaded on most Android devices. Read below to learn more about the app.

Google Maps Features

Smart – Get where you want with the help of real-time updates. The app will analyze the route and let you know if there are any traffic events. Real-time transit info can be quite handy if you want to catch a bus or a train, and the app will find alternatives routes automatically if unexpected events compromise the current one.

Discover and enjoy – Uncover a large number of businesses, among which we can count restaurants, repair shops, gas stations, and much more. Check the reviews before you decide to stop and use the Your Match feature to find places that suit your preferences. Plan and share lists of possible stops and run polls to pick the most popular destination with a few taps.

Flexible – Download offline maps of area s and explore regions where internet connections may not be available. Maps are available for over 220 countries, and the number continues to grow. Keep in mind that some services may not be available in select countries.

What New in Google Maps 10.30.3?

The latest update, Google Maps 10.30.3, comes with new fixes and an Incognito mode, which allows you to keep your activity a secret.

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