Google Maps and Search Got “Temporarily Closed” Feature During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak and lockdown has influenced lots of businesses in a short time. While some decided to shut down completely, other companies succeeded in managing their employees and projects. Even if they’re working with limited working hours, some businesses are willing to try everything to maintain their status. The news of Google Maps and Search’s support for businesses was announced recently.

A feature has been released, and according to Google, companies can mark their actions as “temporarily closed.” They also have to provide enough instructions. How helpful is this feature, and how Google will manage this? Time will tell.

Google Maps and Search “Temporarily Closed” Details

Google responded to the COVID-19 pandemic efficiently. The company lets the business owners modify their status through Google Maps and Search app. Also, owners received detailed instructions on how to do that changing their status to “temporarily closed.” Such a thing, however, doesn’t support the businesses working in limited hours. For those companies which close during the lockdown, the feature is available.

Business owners should first sign in to Google My Business, according to Google’s report. Then, access the Menu and the Info section. A setting titled “Close This Business On Google” arises. By clicking the arrow, it continues to expand for more details and options. Users can search there for “Mark as temporarily closed.” Choosing it modifies the status on both Google Search and Maps.

More Features in Google Maps and Search

Google offers three settings, such as “Remove Listing,” “Mark as permanently closed,” and respectively, “Mark as temporarily closed.” Google updated the status of different businesses recently, relying on government and other authorities’ information. After the quarantine initiated by governments, Google released the new feature.

By bringing in such a feature, Google supports businesses, allowing them to modify their status manually. The tech giant also noted that it was utilizing an AI-based technology where it could demand enterprises to and change their working hours.

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