Google Maps Not Working – Best Easy Ways To Fix It!

Google Maps is one of the most advanced navigation software. The service can also help users explore various points of interest, like nearby gas stations, restaurants, hospital, or other institutions.

However, for the app to work as intended, it needs exact location data.

Users reported that there are times when the app has trouble locating their current position and thus can’t provide adequate results.

There are three main ways the app can pinpoint you on the map – GPS, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Networks. All of them are important.

Calibrating The GPS

Calibrating is an easy task. It is helpful when the blue dot is wide or points in the wrong direction. You only need to open Google Maps on your Android device and start making a figure 8 until the compass calibrates automatically.

High-Accuracy Mode

Open your phone’s settings app -> Location and enable Location services by tapping the toggle at the top.

Go to Mode and choose “High-accuracy.”

Wi-Fi Calibration

Connecting to a stable Wi-Fi network can help Google Maps calibrate itself by finding a more precise location.

Make sure that the Wi-Fi network you connect to has a decent signal and is also connected to the internet.


Another reason why Google Maps might not work as expected are outdated maps or using an outdated version of the app. To make sure that’s not the problem, go to the Google Play Store and navigate to the dedicated Google Maps page. If an update is available, make sure that you tap the “update” button to get the app’s latest version. Each update improves the service’s reliability.

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