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Google Maps Update 10.44.2 Comes With Performance Improvements

The integration of GPS modules in smartphones has been a great boon for many drivers, as it is easier than ever to receive valuable tips that can guide you towards your destination safely and in a fast manner.

Smartphone owners can find lots of navigation apps on the Google Play Store, but few manage to match the quality and reliability of Google Maps, which has been around for a long while. The app has been perfected throughout the years, receiving lots of updates that have added many new and useful features.

Fast and accurate

More than 220 counties and territories are supported by the app, with fully-featured maps that include millions of places, businesses, and other points of interest that may get your attention. By harnessing real-time GPS data provided by satellites, Google Maps can provide an uncanny accuracy and show you the most convenient way towards your destination.

One of the greatest boons is represented by the fact that the app will offer live updates and current information about traffic conditions and any events that happen on the road.  Users who commute by using public transportation services will enjoy real-time schedules.  If an event is detected, the app will generate a new route automatically, allowing users to avoid incidents and road closures.

Lots of features

Want to go to an area, but there is no internet access? Download offline maps and use them to navigate around new areas without the need to have an active internet connection.

People who love to explore new places will enjoy the fact that the app will automatically highlight some of the most popular destinations that can be found in an area, including popular restaurants, museums, art galleries, and other interesting objectives.

The 10.44.2 update comes with new performance improvements and bug fixes. As always, download all APK files from a trusted provider.



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