Google Might Release a New Smart Speaker Series Soon

Google ended its daring smart speaker journey with the release of the Google Home in 2016. The tech giant has since revealed several smart speakers in different sizes and shapes. 

The first Google Home, however, hasn’t got much attention since its launch four years ago. Such a thing might change soon as Google is getting ready to release a Nest-branded successor to the first Google Home series. Here is what you need to know.

Google Might Launch a New Smart Speaker Soon

Google has recently shared an official first look for its next smart speaker. Such a thing follows suit to a PCC listing, which displayed the speakers – there will be more than one speaker. There have been spotted multiple design upgrades, too. 

Similar to what it did with the Pixel 4 when it first leaked, Google couldn’t control its excitement and started sharing official images and an excellent video promo for its next smart speaker. You can watch the teaser video below:

According to the images, the upcoming device left behind the dual-tone cylindrical shape of the first Home and has more of a familiar pattern. It also looks like it’s entirely covered in fabric with cutouts only for the mute control and a proprietary 30W power adapter. 

The teaser video shows off the smart speaker in blue while the PCC listing offers us a closer look so we can see the attractive Pink Sand color. It also indicates that the future generation of Nest speakers will support stereo pairing to compete with Sonos directly. We don’t know a thing about sound or feature upgrades yet. 

Besides these, the regulatory filing offers us a sneak peek, too, at other different shapes for Nest’s upcoming Home speaker series. One is a simple cylindrical speaker, while the other is a bit taller, perfect for a living-room. Google seems as well to be working on a Home Max refresh as a more prominent speaker has also been spotted in the listing. We should expect the company to release more details in the coming months. 

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