Google Might Start To Pay Publishers For Real News

WSJ has recently released a report claiming that Google is thinking of paying publishers a fee whenever they are using their content. We don’t actually know the reason for this, but chances are Google will hold a launch for a news service that relies on people’s subscriptions. This is pretty similar to what we already have with Apple News+.

An Innovative Move or Not?

Yes, but not quite. While this piece of news may be new for Google, the entire concept and practice have already been used. Facebook and even Apple already have their own services of this kind. The former also agreed to pay a maximum of $3 million a year in the form of licensing fees targeting news outlets.

According to the report, Google has already started talking to publishers found outside of the U.S. The talks have a place in European countries, particularly in France. This piece of news allowed for speculation that Google has been taken some inspiration from the Apple News+. Apple’s offer consists of $9.99/a month. People who agree to pay this receive access to more than 300 releases, such as magazines.

Who Gains From This?

Technically, everybody has something to gain from this. From the payer, who gains access to plenty of publications with a fixed fee, to Google, who reinforces their partnerships and opens up a new field of business for them, and to the publishers, of course. However, this isn’t a good deal only for the parties involved, but for everyone.

As we all know, the publishing market has been on a low recently, which means this is a whole new way of boosting their business. More and more people will gain access to publications they may not even have heard of before, so we have to admit this is excellent news. Would you be interested in buying such a subscription? Let’s hear your voice!

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