Google Pay Eliminates Significant Feature on Android Because of the Increased Load

Few moments after RBI put a halt on Yes Bank, PhonePe suspended working in India. Currently, Google Pay is also encountering such problems. According to the Google Pay, India’s recent post on Twitter, the “check balance” feature has been eliminated on Android devices because of the risen load on UPI.

Google Pay To Come Back With Novelties

Google Pay is one of the most straightforward ways to pay for games, content, and much more. The Mountain View-based company has announced that the option will return to Android soon. Users should know that such modification won’t influence the current functionality of Google Pay. Sending or receiving money can continue without any problem.

The full statement from Google Pay India reads: “Due to increased load on UPI, we are temporarily turning off the “check account balance” feature. It will be back shortly. You will still be able to make all payments on Google Pay as you usually due.”

Google Pay Latest Modifications

The “check balance” option is available on the iPhone but is missing on Android smartphones. Such a thing means that you can’t perform checking in real-time of the balance of your bank balance through Google Play.

However, users can utilize the net-banking feature or the official app from a particular bank to check the balance. Unfortunately, Google Pay didn’t offer any time frame when the option will return, and the company does apologize for causing users such a hard time.

Google Pay Issues

PhonePe services returned to Indian users in only a few hours. But, most users might have chosen Google Pay instead of PhenPe at that time. Such a thing might have brought a wave of users on Google Pay. As a lot of users in India got an Android smartphone, it is a smart move from Google to eliminate the feature only from Android. iPhone users, luckily, didn’t encounter such an issue.

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