Google Pixel 4 Bummer – The Device Can’t Run Pokemon Go And Other Apps At Over 60 Hz

Google Pixel 4 series rolled out recently this month, and it already presents some issues that affect mobile gamers, in special. In short, the Google Pixel 4 bummer resides in the fact that the device can’t run Pokemon Go, as well as other apps and games, at over 60 Hz. That’s ruining the user experience with some applications and games.

Google Pixel 4 devices lock the frequency of the display at 60 Hz, no matter what’s running. Dylan Roussel for 9to5Google noticed that Google Maps, Pokemon Go, Waze, and WeChat are limited to 60 Hz when running. That means that these apps won’t run at 90 Hz, as Roussel reported.

However, Niantic limited its Pokemon Go game at 30 FPS. That gives credit to Google, which blacklisted Pokemon Go because it limited itself to 30 FPS instead of running at 90 Hz. But Google had the same issues with apps like Waze, WeChat, and its own Google Maps.

Google Pixel 4 Refuses To Run Apps And Games Above 60 Hz

“We tracked down explanations for the other three apps in which Pixel 4 disables 90Hz, which range from the sensible to the disappointing,” reported 9to5Google.

“Google Maps and Waze, for example, are both working on locking the frame rate to no higher than 60fps, but these changes didn’t happen ahead of the Pixel 4’s launch. On the disappointing side of things, WeChat has 90Hz disabled on the Pixel 4 simply ‘due to poor performance,'” the site added.

Google Pixel 4 devices have the ability to force 90Hz, but Google seems that it doesn’t want that. Pokemon Go, Google Maps, and Waze are just a few of the apps that are affected by the Google Pixel 4 glitch. “Interestingly, should any of these apps ever make the necessary updates to support running at 90Hz, the [Google] Pixel 4 would likely not be able to take advantage of it without a system update,” 9to5Google said.

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