Google Pixel 4 Camera App Leaked, Revealing New Design And Some Features

Google Pixel 4 and its large variant, Pixel 4 XL, will be this year’s flagship smartphone that Google will release this fall. Many rumors emerged on Google Pixel 4 models, but thanks to the new camera app leak, we now know more about Google Pixel 4 camera app design and features.

YouTube channel Re.lab from Vietnam shared the new leaked Pixel 4 camera app with the folks from the XDA Developers. Mishaal Rahman from the XDA Developers installed the application on Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 XL and made it run.

Camera 7.0, as its version is, sports a brand-new GUI and some new features and functions that also reveal some details on what we should expect from the cameras on Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The leaked camera app also presented some new functions in Night Side Mode, as well as smoother exposure sliders and improved zoom functionality.

Google Pixel 4 Camera App Leaked, Showing Design Changes And New Features

Mishaal Rahman from the XDA Developers revealed that the new Google Pixel 4 camera app would boast a revamped GUI. Now, the camera modes are available below the shutter button, camera switch, and gallery. The camera app ‘shutter button’ is now available in a circle that matches the design of the other soft keys.

In 16:9 mode, the view covers almost the entire screen, leaving only a small place for some of the gesture navigation buttons. Besides, the new Google Pixel 4 camera app will not anymore show controls for Motion Photos, timer, and flash on the screen. Now, users will have to swipe down over the viewfinder to access those settings.

More interesting, Camera 7.0, the new Google Pixel 4 camera app that leaked online, would sport a so-called “astrography feature.” This function is linked with the new ‘Infinity’ focus option in Google’s Night Sight Mode. Also, Camera 7.0 now presents suggestions on Time Lapse mode to help users set the right speed that matches with the specific scenario.

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