Google Pixel 4 From Verizon And T-Mobile Won’t Support RCS At Launch

The standard SMS is old and get outdated year after year, as many users turned to instant messaging apps. Also, Rich Communication Service or RCS is a new technology that would soon become an alternative to the SMS. However, Google Pixel 4 from Verizon and T-Mobile won’t support RCS at launch.

Google Pixel 4 From Verizon And T-Mobile Won’t Support RCS At Launch

“We’re so sorry to have contributed to this confusion. You are so right, the Pixel 3 (by Google) does support RCS, as does Samsung’s S9. The Pixel 4 (also by Google, not Samsung) will not yet be RCS supported by VZ at launch. We will let you know if anything changes,” said Verizon on Twitter.

“No, the new T-Mobile Pixels do not support RCS at this time,” also said T-Mobile representatives on Twitter.

None of the two companies explained why they wouldn’t support RCS on the new Google Pixel 4 devices at launch. The lack of RCS support from Verizon is surprising since the carrier supports the new communication service on Pixel 3 models.

Will Verizon and T-Mobile support RCS on Google Pixel 4 In The Feature?

Neither Verizon nor T-Mobile revealed anything on potential support for RCS on Google Pixel 4 in the future. Both companies suggested that the RCS support might come out for Google Pixel 4 somewhen in the future.

Now, everyone expects a reply from Google, especially since the company received some negative feedback regarding RCS technology. Google limited the original quality photo storage, and that unpleased the users. On the iPhone, on the other hand, there are no limitations.

In June, Google announced that the RCS feature would come as an optional feature within the Messages application. And that suggests that Google would use its own servers, so it won’t rely on those of the carriers themselves. That might be the reason why Verizon and T-Mobile decided not to support RCS on Google Pixel 4 devices at launch.

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