Google Pixel 4 Update for June 2020 is Impressive as it Improves Apps

Nobody denies that the Pixel 4 smartphone made by Google and released in October last year has been a disappointment for plenty of fans. The short battery life, the bugs, the update delays, and others had caused plenty of dissatisfaction. However, the phone is still a flagship, and it packs some decent hardware.

Google is still releasing updates for the Pixel 4 smartphone, and the latest one already arrived this week. We must say that the package is pretty generous.

Improvement for Google’s Recorder app

Let’s be honest: we’ve all wanted to record someone’s speech or testimony, even without his or her will. While we don’t recommend to do something against someone’s will, the Recorder app can be used in different other ways, like recording a course at a college class, record what someone says just to create an article about it, and so on.

Google’s Recorder app is great and better than most recording apps out there. And now, it gets even better along with the integration for Google Assistant. The Recorder app is now available for other Pixel phones, as well.

Towards the bottom of the screen when you’re recording is the word transcript. Press it and as the words start spelling out on the screen as you speak. There’s no need even to speak punctuation marks as they get recognized by the intonation of your voice.

Personal Safety

This offers car crash detection on the Pixel 4 series, and it’s now arriving for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL as well. The app also gets enhanced with Safety Check. This allows you to allow the app to alert your emergency contacts and share your location through Google Maps when you’re in danger.

Feel free to explore the new update for Google Pixel 4 and its benefits!

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