Google Pixel 4a And Pixel 5 Affected By Delays

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the world, leading to a large number of issues and delays, as many people have been forced to stay and work from home. Even tech giants have felt the consequences as schedules had to be reorganized, events canceled, and launches delayed.

When Google unleashed its first mid-range smartphone in 2019, many were pleased, as the Pixel 3a came with a robust camera and exclusive Pixel features at a great price. Many hoped that a follow-up would be launched in the form of a Pixel 4a, but it seems that they will have to wait a little longer.

Postponed launch

A prominent leaked who offered accurate information about smartphones in the past has released a new report, arguing that Google will announce the Pixel 4a ion July 13, 2020. For reference, the Pixel 3a was announced in May 2019, so the delays are already extensive.

The source also added that the device would be available on the market in October 2020, and only the Just Black variant will ve offered as the Barely Blue version seems to have been scrapped, at least for now.

The Pixel 5 will also be delayed

In the past years, Google unveiled its new flagship in October, but in the light of recent events, the reveal event might likely be delayed. Some voices speculate that a side-by-side launch of the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 could take place.

Industry sources have also argued that Google may add a wide-angle lens to the camera array, with many users complaining about the lack of this lens on the Pixel 4. Leaked code for the Camera app has also suggested that the device will sport a Snapdragon 765 processor, an odd choice for a flagship smartphone.

Only time will tell what will happen, as any leaks and rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

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