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Google Pixel 4XL is Affected by a Security Vulnerability

Less than one week has passed single Google released the latest range of Google Pixel devices. The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL were well-received by the community and reviewers, but it seems that the latter is affected by a surprising vulnerability that can compromise your privacy.

Google decided to replace the aging fingerprint sensor with a facial recognition system. The revamped unlock method should allow users to unlock their device at a faster rate, but several news outlets have reported an interesting detail.

According to several sources, some users have discovered that the facial recognition software will work when their eyes are closed, which means that someone could unlock their phone if they point it towards their face while they sleep. Even you if aren’t asleep and decided to close your eyes the device will be unlocked as long as it can be pointed in the right direction.  To combat a similar vulnerability Apple implemented an Attention Aware security protocol, which forces users to keep their eyes open if they wish to unlock the device with the help of Face ID.

Before the launch, a high-ranking Google employee stated that the device meets high-security standards, but the claim was criticized by several cyber-security experts. At this point it is important to mention that Google has anticipated some of the criticism.

The support page for the feature mentions that any person with a face which is similar to the one of the user may have the ability to unlock the device, including a close relative. Merely looking at the device may trigger an unlock even if you don’t want to use the device at that point.

The same page urges users to keep the device in safe place, with a bag or a front pocket being the prime suggestion. The feature will likely be improved with the help of a patch in the following months.



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