Google Pixel 5 Rumors Revealed More Details About The Device

A report realized by 9to5Google is stating that Google is most likely to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 795G processor for producing its forthcoming gadget, the Pixel 5. This type of processor is not the best one to exist on the market. It is a lower-cost chip that is not even nearly as powerful as the Snapdragon 865 that one can find in numerous devices such as the top-of-the-line smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

However, the company might give opted for this processor because the Snapdragon 765G incorporates the 5G technology that the Snapdragon 865 does not have. In addition to this, another feature that 765G has is its lower price. Therefore, Google might be proposing a budget-friendly smartphone, even though the company’s policy was to produce a rival for the new appearances released by the competition.

More about Google Pixel 5 models

The Pixel series powered by Google is a reliable asset considering its lower-end parts. The company’s secret is the software they are using for the gadgets. For example, think about the top technology they are proposing for the Pixel 3 smartphones, which is using Android technology and hoe many innovations Google brought to set itself apart from the competition. Therefore, their promising policy should give users enough patience and trust that the upcoming series is going to be the best that could ever be realized.

The release date of the product has not yet been announced. However, Google has underlined that they plan to release this device during the second part of this year. At the moment, most of the employees of the company are working from home. Therefore, we are hoping the coronavirus pandemic is not going to have effects on the development of this project. The Pixel 5 release date is likely to go as planned because Google has not even started the tests yet.

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