Google Pixel Buds 2: Top Features You Should Be Aware Of

Whenever you need some little high-tech devices capable of playing music to you, making calls, or offering instant translations for what a foreigner is telling you, it’s good to know that Google has a great offer for you. The Mountain View-based tech behemoth offers its Pixel Buds devices that are bringing future to your ears.

Now we have the privilege of testing out the Pixel Buds 2, and they seem better than people expected. They could be put efficiently in your ears without the fear that they may fall off. Furthermore, the devices are sweat-resistant so that you won’t have problems going out for a run while wearing them.

Set up Google Assistant

You should definitely consider using Google Assistant on your Pixel Buds 2. However, you are still free to refuse if you wish. But once you give your agreement to use it, you can reply to news alerts from chosen apps without the need to pick up your phone. So you’ll simply have to open the Pixel Buds app and select Google Assistant for starting the setup process.

Pair with a PC or iPhone

You are free to use the Pixel Buds with any device that features a Bluetooth connection. For doing so on a non-Android device, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. While the Pixel Buds is in the charging case, open it and press and hold the button positioned at the rear of the case.
  2. A white light will begin to blink, and it’s positioned between the Buds.
  3. Open the Bluetooth from your device and use it to virtually look for the Pixel Buds.
  4. Select the Pixel Buds on your device once they appear in the search and follow the simple prompts to complete the pairing.

Do you have any other ideas of exciting features for Pixel Buds 2? We would be happy to read your comments!

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