Google Pixel Buds 3 are on Their Way, and We Can Take a First Look at Them

What better way can it be to enjoy your favorite music without bothering other people than using some nice-looking earbuds? And Google Pixel Buds 3 is the next-gen of earbuds.

After providing plenty of hardware material towards their users, like the Pixel smartphones, a driverless car, and more, Google also offers their own series of earbuds for music lovers, those who need real-time translations, and so on. Dubbed as ‘Pixel Buds’, the latest gadget of the series was unveiled in 2019 by Google in New York – the Pixel Buds 2.

But the tech giant from Mountain View will raise the stakes even more, as it’s awaited to bring the Google Pixel Buds 3 on the market. The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) published a document that showcases what seems to be Google’s next Pixel Buds.

Google Pixel Buds 3 or not?

Actually, there’s no exact evidence that Google will be calling the next earbuds as ‘Pixel Buds 3’, but surely that’s the name we should bet on. Let’s see the leaked images:

The biggest surprise seems to be letting go of the in-ear design present on Pixel Buds 2. The images reveal a less sound-isolating shape like the original Pixel Buds. Therefore, there’s a slight chance that the third version of Pixel Buds will be featuring active noise-cancellation.

More about Google Pixel Buds 3

Now surely one of the most obvious dilemmas is if we’ll be able to afford a pair of Google Pixel Buds 3 when the gadget arrives o the market. While we don’t know either the price or the release date for the next Pixel Buds, we can take a guess at least for the first part.

As long as the Pixel Buds 2’s price was $179, we can expect the money demanded to purchase the next devices of the series to not be anywhere below that amount.  Google is indeed trying to improve the lives of its users in all ways, and the Google Pixel Buds 3 are representing another solid proof.

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