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Google Play Games 2020.02.16549 Update Is Available To Download With Improvements

Many Android mobile gamers are familiar with the Google Play Games, which provides an assortment of features and tools that make the experience even better. The app receives constant updates from Google, with the latest one being released recently.

About Google Play Games

The Play Store offers a comprehensive selection of games for all tastes and devices, but in some cases, it may be a little hard to make a choice. Google Play Games comes to the rescue, offering a curated selection of titles that will work well and your device and which can provide hours of entertainment for free or at a reasonable price.

One of the best features provided by the service is the ability to test select apps without the need to download them on their devices. Games that have the Instant Play features can be launched in a few seconds as a cached version will be accessed quickly. While only a small part of the game can be played in this fashion, it is great to test a game and see if you like it or not without the need to wait for a lengthy download or to delete it if it does not deliver an impressive experience.

A selection of iconic mini-games will offer a fun distraction while on the go while also bringing forth nostalgic feelings. Legendary titles among which we can count Pac-Man, Solitaire, and Snake can be accessed and enjoyed even when you don’t have access to a reliable internet connection, which is a great boon when you are traveling from one place to another and need a bit of entertainment.

What’s New in the Latest Google Play Games Update?

The app will also grant the option to create a unique gamer profile, receive experience points as you unlock achievements and play games, and showcase your level and results quickly. The progress in compatible games is also saved into the cloud. The Google Play Games 2020.02.16549 update has removed several bugs. Also, some performance improvements have been implemented.



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