Google Play Music Will Shut Down Soon

Google Play Music will come to an end after nearly nine years since its release back in 2011. Such a move will make YouTube Music, Google’s only streaming music platform. Google already began to send invitations this week to Google Play Music users. Now, we’ll have to transfer our music library to YouTube via a transfer process, available on all devices.

As Google Play Music will reach the YouTube environment soon, you might want to find out how to transfer all your music libraries, playlists, and preferences. The process is simple, but if you still have doubts, check out the following steps!

Transfer Your Files From Google Play Music to YouTube

Since Google’s service will no longer be available by the end of 2020, you can efficiently transfer all your files to YouTube, using an Android or iOS device.
 – Open YouTube and look after the message: “Transfer your Play Music Library;”
 – You can check the Settings, as well, and find the option that says, “Transfer from Google Play Music;”
 – Remember that if any of these options are not available, it means that you didn’t receive the invitation yet;
 – If all goes well, click on the “Let’s Go” button;
 – Google Play Music will display items that will be transferred, such as playlists, added songs, and albums, likes and dislikes, purchases, uploads, preferences, and much more;
 – Ultimately, click on the “Transfer” button to start the process – depending on the data size, you could wait a few minutes to a couple of days (don’t worry the transfer is guaranteed).
Once the transfer is complete, Google will inform you via email. Aside from inviting users to switch to YouTube, Google had also announced some new features. Expect more playlist length, from 1,000 to 5,000 songs, increased uploads up to 100,000 songs, offline listening, some real-time lyrics, and more yet to be announced.



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