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Google Play Services 20.15.15 Update Launched With Stability Enhancements

Google has been hard at work on Android, and the famous operating system has evolved a lot since release as new features were launched. Some of them were designed to be a bit more stealthy, working in the background, and providing essential functions. Google Play services are one of the apps that appear on the list of installed apps in the app manager

About Google Play Services

But there is no way to interact with the app directly. Some users wonder why it takes a significant amount of space and why can’t they remove it, especially since it can appear to be quite large. As some of the more tech-savvy users may know, the Google Play services app is not an app per se. It is, in fact, a fusion between a background service and a collection of APIs which are harnessed by other apps to complete a large number of tasks.

For example, one of the most important APIs is the Google Maps one, which allows other apps to display a map and access location services without the need to use the main Google Maps app. Those who love to play games or them titles will also interact with the Play Game Services API, which is employed by the developers to grant access to multiplayer modes, achievements, and leaderboards. Progress in games is saved and synchronized across all devices with the help of the Saved Game API.

What’s new in the latest Google Play Services?

Developers will also use the Mobile Ads API to monetize apps by allowing the display of advertisements within their apps. This API will also use some of the data related to your activities on your smartphone to deliver personalized ads that can rouse your interest. As the service is built as a core part of the system, new updates are released constantly. Google Play Services 20.15.15 update comes with fresh bug fixes and stability enhancements.



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