Google Play Services 20.26.14 Beta Update Available with New Bug Fixes

You just can’t imagine your life as an Android user without the good old Google Play Services. This is a critical component of any smartphone packed with the operating system made by Google, as it plays a fundamental role in updating apps.

But that’s not all, as Google Play Services is useful in other critical areas of an Android phone as well. It synchronizes contacts, provides functionality like authentication to Google services, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and more. Google Play Services is even improving gaming experience while the user enjoys various titles on the smartphone. And now, the 20.26.14 beta update just arrived, and you are free to get it.

Why should you install the 20.26.14 beta update

The new update for Google Play Services is expected to bring performance improvements, as most updates. There’s no impressive change log announced, so all you can do is grab the update ASAP and see if there are any major changes. Who knows, maybe Google has prepared a nice surprise for all Android users. Furthermore, installing the newest update for any app is generally a wise move.

The best way of getting the 20.26.14 beta update for Google Play Services is by manually downloading and installing it in the form of APK. But if you don’t want to bother making a few extra steps, you can just opt for waiting for the notification to appear on your screen and invite you to update. In this case, all you have to do is simply keep your phone connected to a stable WiFi network.

Oddly enough, not everybody knows that Google Play Services is a critical component of any smartphone equipped with Android. The Play Store is unable to function without the Services, and maintaining all of these components at maximum performance possible is a ‘must’.

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