Google Play services update 20.30.19 Adds New Bug Fixes

Many Android users rely on their devices to perform a large number of tasks that can be done in a fast and convenient manner. The OS relies on an interesting app called Google Play services to handle many operations, but some users are puzzled by the app.

A quick look at the system apps section in the app manager will reveal that the app can be quite large. There is also no option to interact with the app in a direct manner or to uninstall it to gain access to more storage space.

Essential APIs

Google Play services is not an app in the traditional sense, and this is one of the reason for the restrictions related to the app. It is a collection of APIs which are employed by your device to facilitate a large number of aks and processes which happen in the background.

For example, the Play Games API will enhance the experience of playing games on the platform as developers can use it to provide access to multiplayer matches, leaderboards and achievements which make them more fun and enjoyable

Different APIs for Different Purposes

Different APIs can complement apps in specific ways, reducing the workload of developers by providing convenient access to many interesting and handy features. With the help of the Saved Game API saves and progress recorded in games will be synced across all compatible devices, allowing smartphone owners to play n several devices without the fear of losing progress.

While the app might seem to be a bit bulky at first sight, Google is hard at work on the development of new fixes, which aim to reduce the overall size of the app and boost performance. Users who opt to use a custom room or root their devices can remove the app , but many popular Android apps rely on it to work properly.

The 20.30.19 update comes with new bug fixes.

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