Google Play Services – Version 20.18.17 – What Is New?

Android is one of the most used operating systems worldwide, alongside iOS. It is developed by Google and is currently over a decade old. 

Android, just like Windows, receives occasional updates that keep it running nice and smooth. They might be performance updates, security updates, or some minor bug or glitch fixes.

On Windows, a program known as Windows Update takes care of all that for the user. 

However, on Android, it’s a bit different. One app takes care of updating others, and its name is Google Play Services. Chances are you might have never heard of it, but it’s one of the essential apps you have on your Android smartphone. 

About The App

 Google Play Services is Google’s tool for updating default Google apps and other apps from the Play Store.

It is a core component of the Android operating system. It is also responsible for authentication to Google services, synchronized contacts, access to the newest user privacy settings, and advanced location-related services.

Google Play Services is also known for enhancing the app experience. It accelerates offline searches, adds an extra layer of immersiveness to maps, and boosts gaming experiences. 

Many apps heavily rely on Google Play services, so if you ever decide to uninstall it, remember that a lot of apps might stop working.

Updating The App

It is mandatory to update Google Play Services. The changelog usually doesn’t say anything new because Google improves some nearly unnoticeable details about it, as they are typically geared towards performance.

The latest version, 20.18.17, improves the overall reliability of the app by tweaking some components.

The update can be installed from third-party marketplaces, but we recommend you to download it from the Google Playstore, since it’s a Google-made app, and it’s best to download it straight from the source.

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