Google Play Store 16.6.26 Launched With Stability Improvements And Bug Fixes

Android devices would be less effective without the Google Play Store. The official Android app store is a reliable source for applications, games, books, movies, music, and so on. Recently, Google Play Store 16.6.26 launches with performance and stability improvement, as well as with some bug fixes.

The Google Play Store Is The Most Trustworthy Android App Store

The history of the Google Play Store goes way back to the first Android OS release. Back then, however, the official Android app store was known as the Android Market. The time passed, and Google improved its app store with a new design, as well as with many other features. The company also changed the app’s name to Play Store.

Although there are many Google Play Store alternatives, the Google Play Store remains the most trustworthy Android app store. And that’s thanks to its many features and Play Protect anti-malware solution that checks apps before installing on Android devices.

Also, you can update your already-installed apps via the Play Store. All you have to do is to access the My Apps & Games menu and install the updates whenever you want. You can also set to install new versions of your apps automatically via WiFi or mobile data.

What’s New In Google Play Store 16.6.26?

Recently, Google launched a Play Store update that revamped the GUI of the application. Now, the official Android app store looks fresh and modern. However, the latest Google Play Store 16.6.26 doesn’t come with visual changes or new features.

The new Google Play Store 16.6.26 update brings only some under the hood changes, including some stability and performance improvements, plus some bug fixes.

Commonly, the Google Play Store update reaches Android smartphones via OTA. However, if you want it right now, you can install it via Google Play Store 16.6.26 APK file. You can find it on your favorite APK site.

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