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Google Play Store 17.3.16 Launched With Performance Improvements

Google Play Store is the Official Android marketplace, and it is also the most popular out there as it comes pre-installed on all Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Today, Google Play Store 17.3.16 launched with some performance improvements and bug fixes.

Google Play Store offers you everything that you need for your Android device

The official Android marketplace, Google Play Store, brings thousands of games, apps, books, and even movies and music, as well as other enjoyable “goodies.” The platform is the most popular store for Android apps.

Lately, Google implemented various features and visual changes, along with improvements for performance, to its Android store. The platform looks now fresher than ever with the new Material theme, and the majority of users love it.

In addition to its aspect, Google Play Store also brings some exciting features, including Play Protect security measures against malicious apps, auto-updates via WiFi or mobile data, and many more.

Even though the official Android marketplace doesn’t contain all the third-party apps because of its strict policies, Google Play Store remains the best out there and the most secure and safe app store for the Android operating system. You will not find the same selection of games, apps, videos, books, and so on anywhere else.

What’s New In Google Play Store 17.3.16?

As we’ve said above, Google Play Updates usually come out with several new features and visual changes. That’s not the case with the latest release. Accordingly, Google Play Store 17.3.16 only comes with some performance improvements and bug fixes that address some issues from the previous versions.

Usually, Google Play Store updates roll out automatically on Android smartphones and tablets, Over-the-Air (OTA), so you should receive the new version soon. If not, try connecting to a WiFi network instead of mobile data to force the system to download updates.



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