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Google Play Store Filters Upgraded – Users Limit Their Searching Time

Google is currently working on a series of improvements for its Google Play Store filters. This upcoming upgrade aims to help users find better-related apps to their needs and currently under its testing phase. The company’s initiative was first spotted by 9to5Google, which reported that the change is showing a promising outcome, given its new initiative to filter apps by star rating limits and Editors’ Choice-only notation.

The filters on Play Store were introduced for the first time back in 2017, and they have seen lots of modifications throughout the years. The latest improvement that was introduced was back in 2019 when the company has decided to focus on additional changes to the already existing filters, which aim to provide a better user experience.

The new upgrade brings four different criteria, depending on how you view things. The following criteria represent the filters that you can now apply while searching for content: New, Star ratings (either 4.0+ or 4.5+), and Editor’s Choice. After applying the filters, you will get fewer results that are according to your preferences. The whole idea is to limit your searching time for the desired content. In addition to this, you have the possibility of applying more filters at once.

9to5Google has also posted a series of screenshots, aiming to create a better overview of the improvements and their appearance. The filters that one user might choose will be underlined in green when being enabled. However, there is no trace of an “x” option that is responsible for clearing any unwanted filter after enabling it.

No Android devices present this feature, and we are quite unsure about the release date of this upgrade or whether the test version is available for a limited amount of devices. It is very likely that the changes are currently teste in a server-side environment and will soon appear on the market.



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