Google Play Store Receives Dark Mode

The dark mode is the latest trend in tech, and many apps and pieces of software added it. And, in reality, the night theme looks more stylish than the default appearance of the applications. Now, after the launch of Android 10, Google Play Store receives dark mode, finally.

Google has started implementing the dark mode in its apps for some time now. Many applications designed by the Mountain View-based technology giant already got a night theme. Users of Gmail, Gboard, and a lot of other apps are already enjoying the dark mode.

Google Play Store gets dark mode

As reported recently, Google added dark mode to Google Play Store on Pixel devices. Also, only a few users can switch to the new night theme. But, a global release of the feature would come soon.

This might come as a consequence of the system-wide dark mode implemented in Android 10. Thanks to this feature, in addition, more and more developers started to add night themes to their third-party applications.

Possibly, once Android 10 rolls out on the majority of compatible smartphones, increasingly more users will be able to enjoy the newly implemented dark mode in Google Play Store.

The benefits of dark mode for both users and devices

The dark mode is not only a feature for personalization. It is quite helpful for both users and devices. In low-light conditions, for instance, using a night theme is more suitable for the human eyes. On the other hand, the default light theme is tiring for our eyes.

Even more, the dark mode is beneficial for our devices. And that is because the devices consume more power to display bright colors. When the night theme is on, they consume less battery. Accordingly, that results in longer battery life.

In conclusion, the dark mode in the Google Play Store is welcome, and we should expect the theme to roll out to more and more devices soon.

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