Google Releases the 20.4.18 Update for The Google Play Store

The Google Play Store serves as an essential part of the Android ecosystem, offering the ability to access and enjoy a wealth of content besides other features that improve the user experience for owners of Android Smartphones

A dedicated storefront app was one of the greatest improvements that elevated smartphones above their feature phone rivals during the early days. Thanks to the implementation of the convenient app, users no longer needed to visit multiple sites to download content for their device, as it could be found conveniently in a single place.

Early days

Android Market was the first storefront app released by Google for the Android OS. It offered access to free and paid games, apps, and videos, attracting many new users to the ecosystem thanks to its ease of use. Many of the most popular apps and games that were available on the Android Store were also free, which was an important perk for many users.

Google added the option to buy other types of content in time, and the app became a bit crowded, leading to some confusion. As some users started to complain about the dated design of the app, Google decided that a fresh change was needed.

Improved and superior

The result was the Google Play Store, which came with a streamlined user interface, the ability to sort content with relevant category buttons, and a series of additional features that made it a solid update. In 2019 the introduction of the Material Theme update made it look even better, and it is now even more user-friendly, as people who are not familiar with the app can find and download the desired content without problems

Play Protect is great for the overall security of your device as it ensures that all the content which can be obtained from the storefront is secure and safe to use.

The latest update, 20.4.18, comes with stability and performance improvements

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