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Google Services Ht By Outage

If you have trouble while trying to access Gmail, Google Drive, or other Google Services, you aren’t alone. A large number of users from the U.S., Australia, Japan, and Malaysia have reported that they cannot access several services provided by Google.

The severity of the issue seems to vary as some users have stated that they cannot log-in into their accounts while another mentions that new emails don’t arrive in the app, and nothing happens when they try to add an attachment to an email.

Surprising outage

The issues have been corroborated by a third-party service that monitors the state of web sites and web services, with the first outage reports appearing around 04:40 GMT. Google has informed G Suite users that some issues have been observed, and several investigations have been started with the aim of tracking down the root of the problems.

An update that was released after a few hours noted that investigations are still in progress and mentioned a list of issues related to the Use o Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, and Google Chat, as well as the Admin Console for some of these services.

Large-scale issues

While outages tend to surface from time to time in the tech world, this is one of the largest ones encountered in Google’s history, whose services are notorious for being incredibly stable and reliable. Some news outlets have tried to gather more information, but Google isn’t keen on sharing information for now.

Since the company has a large number of experts under its employment, it is likely that all of the issues encountered by users should be fixed in a few hours, but some companies may suffer from the fact that key services were unavailable within business hours intervals.

An official press release should be released by Google soon, as employees race to identify and solve the problems.



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