Google Stadia Games Are Now Free To Play For A Limited Time

The platform Google Stadia is offering to its users a free Pro account. It is available for all those creating a Google account. The Pro subscription provides to its users with the possibility to access several premium games with a high definition quality.

The company has announced recently that the officials are trying to build a regular streaming platform and make the Pro version available only for those who agree to pay. Up until now, there have been no recent updates concerning their next move.

The only thing that users know until now is that they can access Stadia Pro, which is going to be free for a limited period. The officials have announced that this is their position against the fight with the ongoing pandemic, giving more reasons to the people to isolate at home.

How to play games for free in Google Stadia

The feature can be accessed by anyone with a Gmail account and sign up at no cost. The Stadia Pro features a two-month free trial as part of the upcoming launch. The streaming platform also includes nine premium games: SteamWorld Dig 9, Destiny 2, Metro Exodus, GRID, and a few more. Users will get access to the Stadia Pro tier, which will be upgraded with one new game each month to keep up with other streaming platforms such as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Games.

Some of the games will still be available to be purchased, even though the Pro subscription is free. Up until now, there are 38 games, but the officials are stating that by the end of the year, the platform will feature 120 games. A wide range of gamers is reporting that the free subscription is caused by a small number of games that the platform is presenting.

When the free trial ends, the gamers will be able to upgrade their account and retain their Pro subscriptions. Additionally, Google Stadia has limited the resolutions of the games to avoid the collapse of the network during the lockdown period.

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