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Google Stadia: Tips before buying, straight from Google

Google’s gaming console, the Stadia, will officially be available for purchase starting tomorrow, at least for those who were fast enough to order it, and in anticipation for the big day, Google has prepared some tips to benefit as much as possible from the console. Part of the tips were sent to pre-purchasers via email and contained some predictable, common sense information, while the rest were a bit more difficult to understand.

The toughest tip

Perhaps the hardest suggestion to understand and apply is the conclusion: “For the best performance, don’t stream movies or music to other devices in other parts of the house while playing games on Stadia. It can slow things down.” Of course, this isn’t mandatory, but it’s more of a suggestion to obtain peak performance.  Unfortunately, asking somebody who’s binge watching a Netflix show to stop for a few hours is, perhaps, impossible to do.

Other tips

Another suggestion is to check if the bundled Google Chromecast works good. It is recommended to hook it up to an internet connection via Ethernet cable. If that is not possible, setting it up in the same room with a 5GHz Wi-Fi router is pretty much mandatory. Additionally, it’s required to set up the Stadia controller, Chromecast Ultra and some other gadgets that you want to utilize (like  a smartphone or a computer) on the same network.

TV Settings

Google advises gamers to use Stadia on TV sets that feature a designated “game mode” so that the delay time is minimized as much as possible, as nobody wants to have to deal with lag. 



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