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Google Stadia Will Support Wireless Connection

Next year’s smartphones will allegedly support wireless connection to Google Stadia, the new innovative gaming platform that launched just a month ago. The great platform offers could gaming administration, a dream come true to many gamers. Along with the release of Google Stadia, the tech giant also revealed the Google Stadia​ controller.

The fact that Google Stadia​ controller would function wirelessly with Chromecast Ultra was known before the device launched. Now, Google has announced that it intends to add wireless support for PC and smartphones as early as next year.

Playing games on a smartphone using the Google Stadia​ controller requires a USB Type-C cable at the moment. Wireless connection is usable with Chromecast Ultra, but sometimes users are unable to connect to their devices, some reports say. This happens even though Google ensures users that the wireless connection offers the most reduced waiting time.

Google Stadia to support wireless connection

When the Google Stadia​ controller was first released, the company boosted its capacity to exchange rapidly between playing on a TV to a smartphone or a console, without having to link the controller to the device separately. This was made possible as Google Stadia​ would be directly connected with its servers via Wi-Fi.

The newest announcement from Google said that wireless support for various devices would be implemented sometime in 2020. This is not the only feature the company announced for the future. Other features that are not yet available for the Google Stadia​ controller is Google Assistant. This particular option is a great introduction, and similar to the wireless connection feature, Google Assistant will first be made available for Chromecast.

Currently, Google Stadia​ supports other controllers, such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch. The great thing about these controllers is the fact that it can be linked with Pixel devices via Bluetooth.



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