Google Translate App Will Soon Feature Real-Time Transcription

Google shared its new feature for its translate app at the AI demos event, held in San Francisco. They presented this upcoming feature on Tuesday when the event took place.

What is the upcoming feature about?

The feature is still in an early stage, but it will be able to record audio in one language and translate it to another language, which, if you ask me, is pretty cool! Google will basically add a live transcription feature to its translate app, and all Android OS phone owners will be able to enjoy the upcoming update.

Google’s new translate app feature will be launched as live audio captured through the smartphone’s microphone instead of instantly getting functional with audio files. However, users will be able to capture audio from the recorded sound that they will play using a speaker.

To use the new feature of the app, you will need to connect your device to the internet due to the complexity of the real-time transcription of multilingual audio files. The real-time transcription is more complicated and advanced than a simple translation of written text from one language to another.

The complex feature will grammatically analyze sentences line by line, according to the context, offering a proper translation taking into consideration word choices, insertion of punctuations, evaluation of sentences, and more.

The Google Translate app will soon have a transcript feature

Google assures the correct translation of the audio files and zero grammar errors. However, your phone’s microphone or the used cases and covers might alter the quality of the final result.

Google developers have tested the live transcription feature in French, German, and Spanish so far, but they will examine other languages to find and get rid of the errors. As for a date release of the new feature, there is no official confirmation from Google; however, we expect it to get through Android.

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