Google will be bringing Steam support to ChromeOS

Owning a Chromebook brings many benefits to any user: They are affordable, lightweight, their battery life is huge and the designated Chrome OS brings just enough features for everybody to make do with their device.

Gaming – The Chromebook’s foe?

The main reason why some users wouldn’t choose a Chromebook over a regular laptop is if they intend on doing a lot of gaming (or any at all, for that matter).

However, a new report revealed that Google is working with Valve on bringing official Steam support to their Chrome Operating System.

Source of the report

The report comes from David Ruddock, a member of Android Police, who cited a meeting with the product management director for Chrome OS, Kan Liu.

According to Ruddock, Steam support for Chrome OS would be enabled by Chrome OS’ Linux compatibility feature.

Even though Ruddock avoided confirming it directly, he pretty much implied that Google is working hard with Valve on implementing this project.

Momentary alternative

At the moment it is possible to run the Steam Linux client on Chrome OS via Crostini, but it is far from offering the reliability and performance of an official solution.

Hardware limitations

Unfortunately, most Chromebooks on the market have low-end CPUs and poor 3D acceleration, but, according to Liu, this will change as future Chromebooks will pack more powerful AMD hardware.

Perhaps this will prove to be a turning point in the world of Chromebooks so that they will be seen more like lightweight gaming laptops rather than underpowered office tools.

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