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Google’s Coronavirus Website Fell Short Of The Initial Promises

Google’s newly made website is an online tool that helps people better understand the COVID-19 outbreak, but it failed to meet the promises made by the Trump administration.

About The Site

The site is meant to guide American citizens through the ongoing pandemic. 

Regular updates of data and official information are posted. 

Google even went as far as featuring top searches that are related to coronavirus, alongside education and prevention-oriented items.

The website presents standardized information regarding the behavior of the virus and the way it spreads. 

From a certain point, the website directs users to pages of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, as they are the most reliable officials who can help you overcome the current Coronavirus problem.

Also, the site contains several links that are unique to each state, which presents the measures that have been applied in each region as well as the rules you have to obey to prevent compromising you and other people’s safety. 

Tips regarding working from home, coping with all the newly-developed stress and panic, as well as cooking guides have been posted on the website.

Google wasn’t planning on releasing a full-fledged website soon, but officials from The White House directed it to do so as fast as possible. 

Expectations Versus Reality

President Donald Trump described the site with a different structure than its present one – An online tool for all Americans to find testing centers so that they can get themselves verified.

However, the website only provides generic yet precious information surrounding the pandemic.

Going Global

The coronavirus-purposed website from Google is currently only available in the United States right now. Still, it should soon arrive in other countries from across the globe so that more people get help in the form of tips, guides, and suggestions.

We appreciate Google’s effort to spread awareness through enhancing search results – Searches about Coronavirus will be customized to display as much relevant information efficiently as possible. 



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