Grand Theft Auto 6 Might Be a PlayStation 5 Exclusive Game

Even though the long-awaited PlayStation 5 is not even out yet, recently revealed leaks suggest that the officials from Sony are currently discussing a possible partnership with Rockstar Games, which might bring Grand Theft Auto 6 to the console as an exclusive game.

We are still far away from the release of PlayStation 5, and there has been no news regarding any upcoming launch of Grand Theft Auto 6. However, one thing is sure: Sony is considering the alternative of paying millions to Rockstar Games in order to have the game exclusive for the upcoming console.

The public’s opinion

The rumor was made public by Foxy Games UK, a YouTube channel. According to Foxy Games, Sony has offered $750 million for the exclusivity of Rockstar games and Grand Theft Auto 6. In addition to this, the YouTuber added that if this deal becomes a reality, we can even forget about the war between the forthcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, since we know which console will be the best.

Is $750 million enough?

However, this enormous sum might not seem that impressive if you were to think that a couple of years ago, Microsoft spent nothing less than $75 million to prevent Grand Theft Auto from becoming a PlayStation 3 exclusive. That is all that has been mentioned during the YouTube video, and no official sources were included.

It is fair to assume that everything said can be true, given the fact that the Grand Theft Auto series did not have any form of exclusivity until now, but it is not late to start. Of course, everything must be taken with a pinch of salt. Who knows? In the end, maybe Sony chose to dig deep into their pockets to make sure that the company and their products are second to none.

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