Great Amazon Echo Features To Keep Your House Safe

Many homeowners worry when they have to leave their house alone for a few days. However, it is important to go on visits or on holiday from time to time, and there is a great tool that can ensure that thieves won’t strike your house while you are away.

Amazon Echo comes with a rich assortment of features that make life more convenient, such as the ability to play content or order new household items. A lesser-known trait is the presence of several security features that can keep your house safe and let you know if something happens.

Alexa Guard

One of the best features of Alexa is Alexa Guard, which harnesses the built-in microphone of the device to monitor sounds and detect any suspicious noises. This feature can be enabled easily by opening the Alexa app on your smart device and going to the Settings look, Look for the Guard option and tap on it then tap on Set Up Guard. Tap on Add to enable Alexa to send notification on your smartphone.

Say “Alexa I’m leaving’’ when you leave the house to activate Alexa Guard and say ‘’Alexa I’m back’’ to disable the feature. It is also possible to use the Alexa app for this purpose. Tell other members of the family that features are enabled to avoid potential problems.

Away Lightning

This is a great feature if you will be away for an extended time since it can create the illusion that the house is inhabited. It can be accessed easily by going to the Guard menu and looking for the Lights option. A new screen will show all the smart lighting devices connected to Alexa. A smart light bulb, plug, or switch is required for this feature.

Alexa Drop-in

If you receive a notification from Alexa about a suspicious sound, you can launch the app and go to Communicate/Drop In to receive live audio from the desired Alexa device in your house. A video feed is also available if you have an Echo Show, and the camera is enabled.

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