Grounded’s Quartzite: Where to Find the Material

Becoming the best in the new survival game Grounded, means finding out all the resources and be able to build, repair, and defend. 

Players have to gather several kinds of tools and materials in Grounded to keep themselves defended, safe, also to repair buildings and make tools like Grounded’s ax. 

One of the materials that players will need to search for is Quartzite. Here is everything you need to know about the material. 

What is Quartzite Material

You can use Quartzite as a material for some advanced crafting. Using it, you can make a tool that will fix buildings that have been destroyed or a machine that will collect water. Quartzite is a pink stone that can be found only underground in caves. 

While some early-game crafting materials in Grounded, such stems and sap can be found above ground, you will have to access the deeper underground to get this stone. 

How to Collect Quartzite

You will need a pebblet hammer and a torch before you begin. Quartzite can be broken to get more of it, so don’t forget to bring your hammer. 

You should then search for caves. The stone is usually buried very deep, so try to move beyond the entrance and venture in the depths of caves to find it. 

There are also some of the scariest enemies in the game, so you’ll need to watch your back. Keep footing, and don’t forget the torches!

What’s Quartzite Good For

After collecting Quartzite, you need to make sure to put it through the analyzer to find all the possible crafts that you can make with the new stone. You should then be able to develop a dew collector that harvests fresh water. 

Quartzite is also a repairing tool. If you want to fix a building, you’ll need one Quartzite, two sprigs, and three woven fibers to make it. There are plenty of “recipes” that you’ll find in the game, so don’t be afraid to try more. 

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