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GTA 5 Online Los Santos Summer Special Patch: Release Date and Features

GTA 5 Online summer update launch date is drawing closer, and the release time for the Los Santos Summer Special practically here. On Friday, August 7, Rockstar Games affirmed their dispatch plans for the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online summer update and point by point what will be in the download. The GTA 5 Online summer update – which has been known as the Los Santos Summer Special – will be out on Tuesday, August 11.

GTA 5 Online Summer Patch: features

If Rockstar follows its previous launch pattern, it is highly probable that the GTA 5 fans will need to wait for more for the release of the most expected game of the series. The officials confirmed the upcoming version of the GTA 5 Online Summer Patch on August 11. The update includes new missions launched from the Super Yacht, including Open Wheel Races, new vehicles, and many more other updates.

One of the most popular blogs stated that this is a unique chance to benefit from the rest of the hottest times of the year of the Southern San Andreas summer with exciting GTA Online features.

The event highlights everything from brand-new community missions propelled from your Super Yacht to the track-based rushes of new Open Wheel Races, as well as an armada of new vehicles to secure and considerably more, Summer in Los Santos has something prepared for everybody.

“Cosmic system Super Yacht proprietors will have the option to take part in an all-new set of missions, either alone or with up to three shipmates, in multiplayer mode. Everything from remote ocean jumping to fast hello there jinks onto the high oceans, there’s an activity for mariners of any kind.”

Upcoming updates

This long-awaited update is not the only thing that Grand Theft Auto team has prepared for us. The biggest update was announced to be launched later this year, and heists are thought to come back.



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